Prestige Wine International



Prestige Wine International is a company specialised in exporting and supplying Spanish wines all over the world. It was born after more than 14 years working in this area with the aim of satisfying a very important need that today's wineries have: export. We want to help at an economic and communicative level to all businesses that have this need.

Having an export department is very expensive; too much when the results are long term. At the same time, importers, faced with insecurity or not being able to find the right product for their public or the one that best fits their market, make this a very difficult task, which costs money and time.

However, Prestige Wine International has managed to break down the barriers between suppliers and importers. Giving them the ability to export their products without having to make any investment, taking away the pressure and providing all the necessary tools to export their wines and products successfully. We take care of everything for them, without ever losing the product’s philosophy the supplier wants to transmit, because we know each bottle has a whole world inside it.

Thanks to our market experience and the solid commercial relationships we have built throughout these years all over the world, we are capable to simplify this process making it so much easier for our clients and suppliers. We bring that added value to their companies.

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What we do

We have a wide supplier’s network, but we are an independent company, which allows us to work in two different ways:

  • Connecting the client with the supplier according to the needs and what each winery offers.
  • Centralising the purchases through Prestige Wine International and assuming the payment risks.

Our priority is always directed towards personalised attention and customer service, growing good relationships with our customers. That’s why we offer a 24 hour service, 365 days a year.

Thanks to our direct and exhaustive knowledge of Spanish wineries and distilleries we offer our clients:

  • Location of the most suitable type of wine and supplier for each category. Always at a convenient price according to demand.
  • Direct solutions. We know our suppliers and their products, we offer our customers the wine that best suits what they are looking for.
  • Quick management. Very necessary when there are deadlines to meet in order to win tenders or contracts with huge customers.
  • Through relationships built up over years we have excellent products, prices and terms.

OENOLOGY: we advise buyers and suppliers on the suitable wines development for each market; joining them throughout the process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

PACKAGING DESIGN: modern and attractive labels and presentations according to each country’s taste. We rely on the best designers’ collaboration in the country to achieve this. We are a Full Service Agency.

We take creativity, innovation and quality as a starting point to develop, in each case, the best possible strategy. We adapt to the client's needs. Your success is our success, and that’s why we strive to offer you everything you may need.

LOGISTICS: We organise the logistics of all types of shipments. Maritime, Land or Air, Groupage (consolidation of goods) and small quantities to any part of the world.

We also help your winery to take the step to digitalisation, the online world’s waiting for you. Trust industry professionals to improve your presence on the Internet and get more customers.

Current world crisis has made exports a must for any national company that wants to sell. The domestic market is increasingly shrinking due to the massive competition among producers; therefore, leaping to internationalisation is the best alternative.